RAILMARK FOUNDATION was established in 2006 to support the philanthropic causes related to the railroad operations and railroad activities of Railmark Holdings Inc and its Subsidiaries. Formed in 1998, Railmark and its subsidiaries provides rail services domestically and internationally in the areas of train operations, railcar mechanical services, track construction & maintenance, rail logistics, and rail development. Railmark also creates environmentally safe products used by the railroad industry and brings them to the marketplace.

In the course of its business, Railmark has witnessed philanthropic needs and has established this foundation to help address those needs. The competitive rail business climate limits our company in what it can provide to these philanthropic activities and is seeking broader participation through crowd funding and public awareness. While keeping these activities silent over the years as Railmark was attempting to provide these much needed services, it now seeks to offer an informative website and donor communications as it moves to better serve others through positive and life-changing rail experiences.

Current Railmark "Rail Philanthropic" projects are:

1. Providing holiday train experiences to foster and homeless children who might not have otherwise had a meaningful and unique holiday experience

Train Experiences for Homeless and Foster Children:
Railmark has seen explosive growth in these train experiences as families are making them annual experiences. Although these family holiday train experiences make lasting memories with the children, as these are occurring, children are in the same communities living in state supported homes for homeless children and in foster homes for those children placed in foster care. These children are alone and without families during the holiday season and unable to enjoy the holidays like most other children. Railmark believes that as many homeless and foster children as possible should have the same wonderful Holiday experience. Since 2006 Railmark has provided wholesome and meaningful holiday train experiences to hundreds of homeless and foster children. But more should be done and with an exposure of this effort, we hope to keep this number rising. Railmark has witnessed that these children are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to take part in a meaningful Holiday train experience and for most of them, their first experience in riding a train. These children have stated that the Holiday train experience provided by Railmark was the most special thing that they have ever done in their lives.

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2. Restoration of historic railroad stations and facilities where no funding is available (current project is the 1909 Railway Express Agency building located in Henderson Kentucky)

Restoration of Historic Train Structures:
In the heyday of train travel, these structures helped define a town and move it forward. Although many of the great railroad stations and facilities have been restored and re-purposed, many are still in a state of dis-repair and use. In communities where Railmark does business, the Company tries to give back through the preservation of historic railroad structures, local railroad history and historic railcars.

Currently the Company is restoring and re-purposing the 1909 Railway Express Agency building in Henderson Kentucky. The REA was the forerunner of today's UPS and FedEx, using the numerous passenger trains of the day to express ship packages all over the United States, many were same day delivery. Railmark believes that this needs to be preserved.

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3. Assisting developing nations with a progressive Rail Plan and assisting them with its implementation and training of personnel (current projects include two countries in Africa and one in the Caribbean)

Rail Transportation with Developing Nations:
The transcontinental railroad in the United States was completed in 1869, liking our great nation. The railroad built our great nation, linked us together, and helped us mobilize to win two world wars. Today developing nations have recognized the need to focus their own economic development plans around a rail network in order to move people, goods and agricultural products to a growing global population.

Railmark's current rail development plans are in the hands of three African countries and one in the Caribbean. These plans focus on the social and economic development through a focus on a modern rail transportation system. Central to Railmark's plans are the construction, maintenance and business development of these systems by the country itself so that it would never have to be dependent upon anyone or any company outside of its own boarders to operate and develop its own rail network. This will require training of their younger leaders in rail transportation.

In 2016 Railmark will begin hosting and training of these future rail leaders from these developing countries so that they may bring rail technology and rail knowledge back to their own countries. The government's are limited on the number of people (mostly younger) that it can send, but many more want to participate in hopes of gaining a new career in the railroad industry in the country where they live.

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Please consider a donation to the RAILMARK FOUNDATION so that it may be able to expand its "Rail Philanthropy". Chose an area of interest to you and any size donation would be appreciated. Additionally you will be added to our communications so that you can remain involved in the progress your donation makes.


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